4 Easy Steps to Organizing Your Closet and Simplifying Your Life

Imagine: you walk into your closet, and everything looks interesting and inviting.  You can’t wait for tomorrow to get dressed. Wait — is this a dream? Is such a feeling even possible?

Yes, with plenty of assurance, we can say that it is possible to live with a clean and organized closet on a regular basis.

Follow the steps below (as a checklist) to make your closet as inviting as you can imagine. The results of an organized closet will make your life simpler and more enjoyable, and getting dressed in the morning will never be the same!

Closet space 1

Step 1.  De-clutter 

  • Remove all dry cleaning plastic bags
  • Get rid of mismatched hangers
  • Choose one hanger style that suits you and will look good in your pretty closet
  • Find a separate place for items unrelated to getting dressed.

Your closet is not a place to store golf bags, old clothes, or other people’s   belongings: out with the excess baggage, and in with the things you actually wear!

Step 2.  Decorate

  • Start with color. Give your closet a lift by taking everything out of it and repainting. A softer, lighter color is often a good place to start
  • Place overhead lights in the far left corner, or install light fixtures so that every item in your closet gets an equal spotlight

Step 3.  Display

  • Keep everything as visible to the eye as possible:
  • Sweaters, jeans and T-shirts can be folded neatly on open shelves
  • Use a jewelry stand or add hooks to the wall to hold necklaces
  • Scarf and belt racks help you see what you have
  • When you walk into your closest and see all possibilities, getting dressed will soon become easier and fun

Step 4.  De-stress

  • Add a wonderful scent that you enjoy. Cedar or lavender sachets will help keep your closet and drawers smelling fresh, not stale.

Now that life and energy has been brought into your closet, ask yourself: does your wardrobe need more attention? No problem! We are here to help you perform these tasks and more, in order to create ease within your personal wardrobe.  We’ll help you make your closet look fabulous for the season, and many seasons to come.

With best wishes until next time,

Shanna Wu Pecoraro and the NYC Image Consultant Academy team!

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