Why is Personal Branding Important?

As time moves forward, the way we approach situations evolves. Much like a generalized evolutionary theory, the world around us expects us to change our ways in order to survive, to be successful, and the economy and its market are not invulnerable to this. As a result, many different approaches on how to establish a successful business emerged as a response to the challenges faced in a difficult economy. One of the approaches that emerged as a response to these needs was personal branding, and we shall discuss its effectiveness and why it is relevant. 

Personal branding is about establishing one’s brand among others. It is about differentiating one’s personal brand and standing out among others, in order to rise in a competitive market. Its effectiveness relies on its task: sending out a message on who you are and what you offer. In the present day economy, every market is full of businesses aiming to deliver the same products and/or services, and personal branding is there to help entrepreneurs be visible and have a presence in the customer’s eyes. As William Arruda, founder of the “Reach Branding Club” said: “Personal branding is clearly communicating the unique promise of value that you offer”. 

This neat strategy does not only help one deliver one’s brand to the customer, but also to the entrepreneur himself/herself. By going through the process of personal branding, optimizing one’s strengths is achieved, while also one’s self-understanding of one’s own value and power is increased. This in turn offers resilience, as entrepreneurs are able to withstand the challenges of the market by believing in their brand’s uniqueness and value. Personal branding works as the roots of a tree: it provides the essential structure upon which all the core values and the mission of a business unite, to then rise with an established identity, and branch out as needed and/or desired. 

Personal branding has become a powerhouse for emerging businesses, and one of the main reasons why this phenomenon has taken place is because of the growth in the use of social media. This increased use has proven to benefit personal brands as it revolutionizes the way customers search for products and/or services. Statistics have shown that around 85% of businesses have benefitted from their use of social media in their efforts to expose their brands. The trends that have been found in the way the internet is being used have shown a behavior that is believed to continue, if not increase, in the upcoming times. This creates an unlimited number of opportunities for personal brands to attract customers, as it is now easier to approach them. However, this also shows that the market is also more competitive than ever before, which ends up benefitting personal brands to a greater extent, since personal brands that can establish a more impactful image to the customer will stand out and be able to achieve success. There has never been a better time to establish one’s personal brand as unique and relevant, and personal branding is the best way for YOU, the entrepreneur, to start up your business. 

Shanna Wu Pecoraro, AICI CIP

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