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With the ever-growing entity that the internet has become, the use of social media has reached a peak in its history, and it keeps breaking records in terms of the number of users they are getting, and its uses outside of the typical “life sharing” ideal on which social media started. As a result of this, social media has become a part of everyone’s personal image. Technology and personal image have become intertwined, therefore it is impossible to ignore someone’s social media when forming an idea of who that someoneis. In trying to establish our personal brand, social media needs to be taken care of, hence why image consulting needs to have a focus on this aspect of someone’s life.

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Image consulting will help an individual become an expert in 1 to 3 areas of expertise. These gives those that look at the individual a reason to put them in a group apart from the rest who claim to do the job or offer the same service. To do this, the individual seeking image consulting services must decide what he/she wants to be known for. Jayson DeMers, writer for Forbes, said “Specificity is a trade of volume for significance”. Even though your target audience is narrowed down with this method, it also becomes that much relevant. It is better to establish a niche in which one wants to develop its business, rather than jump into a generalized market full of other competitors that are trying to stand out as much as you do, without anyone offering much different services/products than one another.

Besides becoming an expert in certain fields, it is also important to keep your audience updated. Social media needs consistent and frequent posts in order to share the expertise you claim with your social media followers. Also, studies have shown that those who tweet more have more followers on average. A good strategy for sharing posts would be the 4:1 sharing system, which establishes that for every 4 posts that’s a “staple”, you share one post of different type of variety. This way you stay sharing your expertise on a certain field, while also keeping the posts diverse in order to not become too repetitive or redundant.

Another neat tool that people don’t know much about is the ability to monitor how your name is mentioned over social media. This great tool helps in being able to answer fast to those who mention your name, while it also helps keep track of how the community is responding to your services/products and even your posts on social media. Twitter, being the leading social media in offering this service, has shown great results for clients and businesses, since those who tweet at a company expect an answer within the hour of the tweet. To summarize the different ways in which to efficiently make use of social media for your personal brand, let’s set these three rules: Become an expert in 1 to 3 areas, Be consistent and frequent in posting to your social media, and keep track of how people are mentioning you or responding to you on social media. These are all areas in which image consulting can help an individual develop their personal brand.

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