Guys: Here Are The Styling Tips No-one Has Told You Before

It was once said that ladies represented “the fairer sex”, while the idea of the gentleman signified a braver, more serious gender.  Any truths related to these assumptions may be due to human genetics, one’s upbringing, or both.  You can check out shows like Mad Men(AMC Networks) for brilliant examples of characters dressing for success.  By following the classic rules of dressing, these characters always looked their very best.

Science and television aside, the world in 2014 maintains a certain code of basics for men and women’s fashion; following such a code can help men embrace the shapes, colors, and styles that build confidence and increase the affect of their personal brand.  Here are the styling tips no-one has told you before:

Dress for Success


It is important to think about the relationship between your complexion and your outfit.  If you have a higher contrast between your hair, skin and eyes, then you should add a stronger color contrast to your outfit.  Try to use your body’s natural pigments in your outfits; accentuate your handsome eyes, freckles and smile!

And for accessories, if you don’t know which tie to wear, wear one that’s the same color as your shirt – it’s the easiest way to complete your outfit.

Shirts and Pants

When it comes to shirts, if you have a rounded face you should use long, pointed collars.  If you have a narrow face, you should use spread collars.  It’s a similar paradigm with pants: If you have a long torso with short legs, avoid low-rise pants.  If you have wider hips, look for suit jackets with side vents.


Your seams should fall along the shoulder, always, and the length of your sleeve should allow some shirt cuff to show.  ¼ inch – ½ inch is acceptable; jackets and shirts will vary slightly in length.  Play with these, as you’ll usually enhance your look by contrasting the jacket with the shirt colors at the end of the arm.


Your bow ties should fit within the frame of the outer edges of your eyes.  Normal ties should reach the middle of your belt buckle; no longer, no shorter.

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Shanna Wu Pecoraro

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