Top Five Reasons to Work with an Image Consultant

Our favorite clients are the often times the ones who don’t really seem to need help.  They look fairly put-together, and they laugh at the thought of seriously revamping their image.  What they don’t realize is that sometimes, it doesn’t take much (time, money, or focus) to change the way your peers perceive you.  And in that much time, you can change the way you think about yourself.

Here are Top 5 Reasons To Work with an Image Consultant

  1. Image consultants can undo the effects of aging on your body; through the right clothes, accessories, and makeup techniques, image consultants can help you turn back the clock and look more fit – without surgery!
  2. An image consultant can help you utilize 100% of your wardrobe (instead of the 9 – 15% that so many people seem to use). By hiring a professional to help you edit your closet, you’ll get dressed with ease!
  3. If you hate to shop, this one’s for you! An image consultant will select items for you that exceed your expectations; by taking the “thinking” part out of it, you’ll streamline your look and be able to focus on the “doing” instead of the “getting dressed” part of doing. By narrowing your focus to the items that flatter your build/coloring/profession, you may also save money!
  4. An image consultant can help you spice up your relationship with a significant other; a professional can help you spice up your wardrobe with colors that make the “real you” pop and be drawn to the eye.
  5. An image consultant can help you build a real “look”, or a style, which says so much about who you are. Your friends and family will soon know you as much for who you are as for how confidently functional you appear.

If nothing else, image consultants help people every day walk with their heads (and bags and shoes) held a little bit higher, ready for their day, brimming with confidence.  Let us know how we can help you today!

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Shanna Wu Pecoraro

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