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Applying for jobs is a tedious and repetitive process, which always makes the same question pop up in our heads, regardless of how many times we have done it, “What do I need to get hired?”. This question does not have a straight answer, and all responses seem to vary based on many factors, such as what job we are applying for, what person is in charge of the hiring process, what are the qualifications for the job, etc. Nonetheless, there are some guidelines that can help us stay on track in making sure we do our best to show we are the best fit for the job we are looking to get hired for. We will focus on the interview part of the job application process, since this is where we get to have the impact, while we also get a greater variety of choices as of what to do to adapt for the different job applications we may have.

The first thing we want to cover, since it is probably the one that catches most of us off guard, is the question “Why do you want to work for us?”. In order to answer this question properly, we need to do our research beforehand. We need to know exactly what the company’s purpose is, what it does, what it expects from its workers, and how it handles its customers. By doing this research, we will be able to see how we fit into the company’s needs, and answering this question will becomes easier. It is important to do our research not only to know what to answer to the questions that involve the company itself, but also to know if that job is what we are looking for, and if we are the fit THEY are looking for.

In addition to understanding what the company does, we need to be prepared to explain what we can do for the company. In a market like the one today, the competition faced by every applicant is not one to be underestimated. In order to prepare to stand out from the vast pool of applicants, we need to make sure our image is sharp, that we are on time for our interview and any other type of appointments, and again, that we are prepared. As job applicants, we are selling our personal image to the employers, so we need to make sure our attire is appropriate, since this is the first impression we have for our job interview, and the employer wants to make sure its employees offer a clean image of the company itself. Being on time for our interview is also part of our personal image, it shows that we are punctual not only to appointments, but to the job and any meetings we might have to attend.

It is almost a necessity to reiterate the importance of being prepared to our interview. Besides doing our research of the company we are applying to, we need to also have the material to support us when we make statements about ourselves that are relevant to the job. Having extra copies of your resume, reference letters, and paper to take notes, are all important things to keep in mind when going in for an interview. Although the interview might be the most nerve-racking step in the process, it is when we get our chance to show the employer what we cannot show them in paper, so make good use of that interview time and do your best to impress, and be impressed, by your future employer.

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Shanna Wu Pecoraro

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