How Hillary Clinton Can Win the Public’s Likability Vote

There are less than 18 months before the next US President is elected. Much can happen between now and then in the political sphere, but one action that will help Hillary’s campaign — regardless of politics – would be to improve her visual image.

If we were to work with the former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on such a project, these are 10 recommendations on colors and overall look that we’d suggest for making her visually “pop”, which would increase her likability and thus increase chances for positive reaction from voters.

Hillary Clinton color palette & Style

Drop the warm colors, like yellow, orange, olive green, and brown. They don’t flatter her skin tone. Stay within the color palettes to the right.

  • This ash blue jacket (see number 2) is a great option for spring and summer, worn with a pair of dark blue or navy pants (see number 8).
  • Remember the jacket length should never end in her widest part of the hip, which will emphasize the width.
  • Number 7 is the ideal dress shape for Hillary, but she should add ¾ sleeves on the dress when worn without a short cardigan or jacket
  • Although the dress color in number 7 is a little too bright for her, she should choose a color within her color palette (See number 1) and wear it with a matching-colored jacket or coat for an executive look.
  • A-line skirts just below the knee length work well on her frame; stay preferential to those while she is running for office.
  • As a pant suit girl, try to stay away from skinny pants and tapped pants hem lines which accentuate the hips. Choose pants with no pockets or details on the backside.
  • Drop the all-black ensembles. The color makes her look older and tired. Instead of black, navy or charcoal gray will be a better choice.
  • Go with the coat in number 9 as the perfect coat for winter — it’s the perfect color, shape, and style!
  • She should keep her current hair color- it’s perfect, but should be cut shorter and have volume added with good styling.

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Shanna Wu Pecoraro

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