Body Language

Not many people acknowledge how posture, facial expressions, and other physical movements can impact their impressions on other, however, others DO pay attention to these subtle details. As a result of this, it is in every professional’s interest to improve their body language skills. Similar to knowing how to make conversation, the proper use of body language can help an individual reach success, regardless of the industry the individual’s a part of. The reason why body language has such a big impact on others is because it helps the individual deliver positive qualities about himself/herself to others, such as confidence, assertiveness, interest, openness to collaboration, intelligence, and empathy.

Confidence is crucial in business affairs. Business leaders throughout history have been known to project confidence, or a sense of being secure with their abilities or accomplishments. Therefore, if you wish to advance, employ body language to communicate confidence – even when you may not feel it. Assertiveness is intertwined to confidence. Managing high-level duties and personnel requires the ability to advance your own will – or the will of the company – in spite of resistance. Physically positioning yourself as someone not easily swayed by others shows the ability to influence and lead others.

Body language can also show something that may not be too easy to assert verbally: interest. Potential employers, colleagues, partners, and clients want to work with people who find the topics they discuss compelling. Showing an active interest in a conversation, lecture, or presentation indicates that you as a professional will use the same level of engagement in a future business relationship. Interest also leads to openness to collaboration. Although assertiveness is key in leaders, so is the ability to cooperate with others to achieve common goals. Being able to identify and incorporate ideas from one or more outside parties helps you benefit from the diverse expertise of multiple sources, ultimately strengthening your strategies.

Intelligence can also be asserted heavily through body language. Succeeding in any industry requires a wide variety of knowledge, from education to life and professional experiences. Body language methods that communicate alertness and comprehension indicate a high I.Q. and show others you are mentally “cut out” for greater responsibility. However, when discussing intelligence, it is importance to note that the typical idea of intelligence = I.Q. is not one that should be followed strictly. Not only is I.Q. important to business intelligence; so is the E.Q., or emotional intelligence quotient. Professionals who decipher and respond to the emotional needs of themselves, customers, and colleagues stand the best chance of advancing in their fields. These are all things to keep in mind when assessing the importance of working on body language skills. Proper image consulting will make sure to incorporate body language skills in their assessment of their clients.

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