Job Interviews

Applying for jobs is a tedious and repetitive process, which always makes the same question pop up in our heads, regardless of how many times we have done it, “What do I need to get hired?”. This question does not have a straight answer, and all responses seem to vary based on many factors, such as what job we are applying for, what person is in charge of the hiring process, what are the qualifications for the job, etc. Nonetheless, there are some guidelines that can help us stay on track in making sure we do our best to show we are the best fit for the job we are looking to get hired for. We will focus on the interview part of the job application process, since this is where we get to have the impact, while we also get a greater variety of choices as of what to do to adapt for the different job applications we may have.

The first thing we want to cover, since it is probably the one that catches most of us off guard, is the question “Why do you want to work for us?”. In order to answer this question properly, we need to do our research beforehand. We need to know exactly what the company’s purpose is, what it does, what it expects from its workers, and how it handles its customers. By doing this research, we will be able to see how we fit into the company’s needs, and answering this question will becomes easier. It is important to do our research not only to know what to answer to the questions that involve the company itself, but also to know if that job is what we are looking for, and if we are the fit THEY are looking for.

In addition to understanding what the company does, we need to be prepared to explain what we can do for the company. In a market like the one today, the competition faced by every applicant is not one to be underestimated. In order to prepare to stand out from the vast pool of applicants, we need to make sure our image is sharp, that we are on time for our interview and any other type of appointments, and again, that we are prepared. As job applicants, we are selling our personal image to the employers, so we need to make sure our attire is appropriate, since this is the first impression we have for our job interview, and the employer wants to make sure its employees offer a clean image of the company itself. Being on time for our interview is also part of our personal image, it shows that we are punctual not only to appointments, but to the job and any meetings we might have to attend.

It is almost a necessity to reiterate the importance of being prepared to our interview. Besides doing our research of the company we are applying to, we need to also have the material to support us when we make statements about ourselves that are relevant to the job. Having extra copies of your resume, reference letters, and paper to take notes, are all important things to keep in mind when going in for an interview. Although the interview might be the most nerve-racking step in the process, it is when we get our chance to show the employer what we cannot show them in paper, so make good use of that interview time and do your best to impress, and be impressed, by your future employer.

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Four Easy Steps to Organizing Your Closet and Simplifying Your Life

Imagine: you walk into your closet, and everything looks interesting and inviting.  You can’t wait for tomorrow to get dressed. Wait — is this a dream? Is such a feeling even possible?

Yes, with plenty of assurance, we can say that it is possible to live with a clean and organized closet on a regular basis.

Follow the steps below (as a checklist) to make your closet as inviting as you can imagine. The results of an organized closet will make your life simpler and more enjoyable, and getting dressed in the morning will never be the same!

Closet space

Step 1.  De-clutter

  • Remove all dry cleaning plastic bags
  • Get rid of mismatched hangers
  • Choose one hanger style that suits you and will look good in your pretty closet
  • Find a separate place for items unrelated to getting dressed.

Your closet is not a place to store golf bags, old clothes, or other people’s   belongings: out with the excess baggage, and in with the things you actually wear!

Step 2.  Decorate

  • Start with color. Give your closet a lift by taking everything out of it and repainting. A softer, lighter color is often a good place to start
  • Place overhead lights in the far left corner, or install light fixtures so that every item in your closet gets an equal spotlight

Step 3.  Display

  • Keep everything as visible to the eye as possible:
  • Sweaters, jeans and T-shirts can be folded neatly on open shelves
  • Use a jewelry stand or add hooks to the wall to hold necklaces
  • Scarf and belt racks help you see what you have
  • When you walk into your closest and see all possibilities, getting dressed will soon become easier and fun

Step 4.  De-stress

  • Add a wonderful scent that you enjoy. Cedar or lavender sachets will help keep your closet and drawers smelling fresh, not stale.

Now that life and energy has been brought into your closet, ask yourself: does your wardrobe need more attention? No problem! We are here to help you perform these tasks and more, in order to create ease within your personal wardrobe.  We’ll help you make your closet look fabulous for the season, and many seasons to come.

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This Season, Let Your Suit Speak For You

Some of us put on a suit daily, while some of us wear one occasionally and some of us only “pull out the old suit” every few years to attend a wedding or a funeral. Male executives tend to fall into the former category, and often tell us how they’ve slipped into the same routine of “is it the grey, blue, or black suit today”?

Regardless of what your day-to-day look requires or if you actually put on “a suit” there are ways to own “the suit” you wear while holding true to your personality.  Whether you’re inherently sporty, creative, or super polished – you can use a suit to enhance and extend your personality along with your professional influence. Gray suit

If you’re in finance, legal, or a profession where you handle people’s money and life choices, it’s imperative that your look reflects a sense of competence and trustworthiness. When choosing the color of a suit, go for something dark (navy, charcoal, or black). Go with a solid or pinstripe pattern, and style your suit to be classic and appropriate.


If you’re in fashion, advertising, or a similar field, your suit’s color should be more sophisticated: blue grey, burgundy, or even a blue-brown. Mixing and matching your patterns makes more sense here, and to enhance your individual style, you can play with different colors and fabrics to bring out your natural personality.


If you’re in a customer-service oriented business, you’ll want to go for a friendly and helpful tone in your look.  Go for a solid-colored suit, but add a warm color for any accessories; a pocket square, tie, or watch will do nicely. Keep the pattern of your shirt and tie friendly – checks and plaids often go best, and keep the styling and fit comfortable and relaxed.

If in doubt, always think about the objective you’re trying to achieve and the traits you want to be known for.  Based on those traits, your suit should portray you as professional, befitting your personality and your lifestyle.

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Existing Structure + Innovation / Challenge = Demand

What makes us want to do better?  For companies, it’s often the need for efficiency, bigger profits, or if nothing else, a need to make things easy and effortless.  Creators in the worlds of fashion design have tremendous examples to find inspiration in.  We’ll keep the spirit from the following examples in mind as we move into 2015.

Christian Dior stirred a good deal of controversy across Europe and the Americas in the late 1940’s with the introduction of the Bar Suit in Paris.  The pleated skirt and curved edges of the paired morning coat created what eventually became known as The New Look revolution, keeping women across the world baited in anticipation for similar looks becoming available from their local retailer.  The spirit of the New Look revolution continues to inspire the creative team at Dior on an ongoing basis.

Dior -Bar Suit

ASICS, the beloved shoe for runners, has remained dedicated to causes centered on  teamwork, exercise, and the environment since the company’s founder formed the company in the challenging culture of postwar Japan.  This dedication has likely aided the company in building lifelong relationships with runners and sports enthusiasts, while simultaneously helping philanthropic organizations.

And CITIZEN, the watchmaker, has been consistently acclaimed for its devotion to function and style matched with innovation.  This became especially apparent in the mid-1990’s after CITIZEN developed the Eco-Drive technology – an invention that enabled electrical power to be converted from light sources, eliminating the need for most watches to ever have their batteries replaced.  The brand’s recent ad campaign, called Better Starts Now (complete with a historical video) captures this mentality beautifully.

These are but a few examples of innovative brands we admire, and will look to as we look to the future of image consulting and the needs of the dreamers, creators, wives and husbands, children, and professionals our collective industry serves. Watch for more in January, with a regular look at innovation in our own industry and beyond.

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Are You A Gracious Holiday Guest?

With the holidays near at hand, invites to a party in the home of a friend or colleague presents an occasion to celebrate the season with a group. Is your holiday etiquette ready to shine this season?  Are you a gracious holiday guest? Our tips below may help if you need a refresh:

  1. RSVP! Be sure to RSVP to your host in the manner they’ve requested (in writing, via phone call, etc.) Once you accept an invitation, hold the commitment and make sure to be on time.  If a schedule conflict looks unavoidable, let your host know as early as possible to allow for proper planning and adjustments.
  2. Dress for the occasion – Check with your host or hostess for the dress code if it hasn’t been specified in the invitation. Formal, casual, or theme parties may require extra shopping and preparation on your part.
  3. Be prepared for both warm and cool indoor temperatures – If your jacket is the show piece of your outfit, be sure you can take it off and still look appropriate in the layer that’s underneath the jacket. Prepare for a chilly room or the outdoors by bringing a festive shawl or a nice-looking cardigan.
  4. Don’t be a Pepe Le Pew! When preparing for an intimate gathering, go light on perfume, or even better, avoid the perfume altogether. Many people are allergic to scents or turned off by heavy colognes and perfumes.
  5. Be prepared for parties in a house that has a “no-shoes” rule. Make sure you feel confident with your pedicure, and that you’re comfortable in your outfit without shoes. Always be sure to wear clean socks or hose with no holes in them.
  6. If you have food allergies, don’t make it a problem for the already overworked host or hostess. Eat before the party, or offer to bring a dish to share. If you have pet allergies, bring your allergy medicine with you. Look for a chair that’s wooden or leather and avoid sitting on the upholstered chair.
  7. Keep your mobile phone use to a minimum, and ask people nearby before you take a group photo. If you need to check in with the babysitter, step outside to make the call.
  8. Watch the host or hostess for signs of fatigue. If either of them starts yawning, gets up to clean, or stops pouring wine, take the hint and wrap up the evening by giving your thanks and offering one last time to help with cleaning up.
  9. Send a note within 24 hours to thank your host or hostess for the special event.

Now go out, have fun, and be merry this Holiday Season!

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Shanna Wu Pecoraro

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Do Your Manners Measure Up?

Just the other day, I sat down at a table near my gate at an average airport in an average American city. Having arrived on the early side, I had a spare hour to kill before boarding began. It was well before lunchtime and the airport was quiet, well, until after I sat down.  Shortly after my salad arrived, a man came and sat at the table next to mine.  His food arrived especially fast, and I soon learned the speed at which a grown man could inhale soup, a salad, and an enormous steak.  It was nothing like I had seen nor heard, from slurping to smacking every bite, to asking the waitress for mustard with his mouth wide open, to taking a very loud phone call at the table.  Needless to say, I was shocked.

Had he no manners? Had no one ever encouraged him to eat slowly and with less verbal gusto? Had no one told him experts estimate that 80% – 90% of all communication comes from body language, or nonverbal cues.

Fortunately, most of us don’t have to sit down to supper with a 22-piece place setting, like a character in Designing Women fretted about (see this classic link via YouTube, from about 6:30 – 7:45). The character, Charlene, had helped her mother polish her wedding silverware as a child, though never remembered having a special occasion to actually use the scary silver contained in its special velvet box.  This story and what it points to isn’t all that uncommon.

4 course

Teaching kids proper manners is essential, and for many families, the most effective place to do that is at the dining table. When you sit down, it’s important to introduce yourself and others, and shake hands with confidence and a smile. If you’re the host, you should be savvy and take a hospitable tone with your guests; if you’re a guest, you should strive to be elegant and gracious.  Proper table manners can give you strong influence among your friends, family, and peer group – regardless of age.

If you’re unsure of where to start, reach out to an image/etiquette consultant today. Image consultants, in addition to helping you find the best colors and fabrics, can also help you walk with confidence and seal the best business deals.  But no matter what you wear, the deal won’t get sealed if you can’t hold a knife correctly at the dining table.

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Top Five Reasons to Work with an Image Consultant

Our favorite clients are the often times the ones who don’t really seem to need help.  They look fairly put-together, and they laugh at the thought of seriously revamping their image.  What they don’t realize is that sometimes, it doesn’t take much (time, money, or focus) to change the way your peers perceive you.  And in that much time, you can change the way you think about yourself.

Here are Top 5 Reasons To Work with an Image Consultant

  1. Image consultants can undo the effects of aging on your body; through the right clothes, accessories, and makeup techniques, image consultants can help you turn back the clock and look more fit – without surgery!
  2. An image consultant can help you utilize 100% of your wardrobe (instead of the 9 – 15% that so many people seem to use). By hiring a professional to help you edit your closet, you’ll get dressed with ease!
  3. If you hate to shop, this one’s for you! An image consultant will select items for you that exceed your expectations; by taking the “thinking” part out of it, you’ll streamline your look and be able to focus on the “doing” instead of the “getting dressed” part of doing. By narrowing your focus to the items that flatter your build/coloring/profession, you may also save money!
  4. An image consultant can help you spice up your relationship with a significant other; a professional can help you spice up your wardrobe with colors that make the “real you” pop and be drawn to the eye.
  5. An image consultant can help you build a real “look”, or a style, which says so much about who you are. Your friends and family will soon know you as much for who you are as for how confidently functional you appear.

If nothing else, image consultants help people every day walk with their heads (and bags and shoes) held a little bit higher, ready for their day, brimming with confidence.  Let us know how we can help you today!

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