Everyday Manners

black-and-white-city-man-peopleEtiquette and manners can be expressed through all times of the day when interacting with others. If you are trying to improve your image, whether it is to improve your business or personal relations, learning proper etiquette and manners for the average day will prove to be of help. Here are some tips to improve your personal image with everyday manners:

Be nice

Being friendly and polite can often lead others to reciprocate this behavior. Phrases such as “thank you,” “please,” “you’re welcome,” and “excuse me” are always welcome and show politeness – which will always impress any person you come in contact with. Smiles are also always to be included in our interactions. Even when we are not feeling great, a smile may help us in lifting up the mood of not only ourselves but also whoever we come in contact with. Being polite and nice is always rewarding in any type of relationships.

Punctuality is always key

Whether it is a doctor appointment, a job interview, a meeting with a friend, always aim to be on time, as this is a sign of respect for the other party. By making others wait you are making them waste their time, and everyone gets bothered when their time is being taken away for no reason.

Philanthropy is not only volunteering projects

Always be willing to help others. Opening the door for someone who’s busy carrying packages, or helping out someone who is looking for a store at the mall, are equally great situations in which to help others. These actions will show a great image of who you are, and could lead to great interpersonal relationships.

Be respectful

Respect is always implied in any interaction with people. Tolerance for others’ opinions and arguments goes along with showing others respect. Always use yourself as an example in these situations, for you would like to be given a personal space and respect in any situation, therefore doing it for others should be just logical. The old saying “If you don’t have anything nice to say, then don’t say anything” is wise and should be followed in most social situations.

You should be last

Let others go before you. It could be at a grocery store or when both of you reach a door at the same time. Gesturing others to go ahead before you is a great way of showing respect for others. Not many people do this, and you will stand out for sure among others when doing this.

Dining etiquette

Even in the smallest of situations, you should always eat as politely as possible. Table manners were created in order to create a more pleasant experience for all participants, therefore. everyone expects you – just as you expect others – to follow basic guidelines for dining etiquette. You can check our other articles on dining etiquettes for different situations and places.

Introduce the new one

If you know the parties participating in a gathering, but they don’t know each other, take your time to introduce them. Expressing something they may have a common might be a great ice breaker and your friends will most likely be grateful you were able to give them a piece of information with which to get a conversation started.

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Shanna Wu Pecoraro, AICI CIP

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