Hosting a Holiday Party

bread-food-restaurant-peopleHosting a festive gathering for the holidays is no easy task, and every host is usually full of questions regarding how to have his or her guests arrive comfortably and enjoying the rest of the gathering. Fortunately, here are the six best tips we could find from other hosts that are great in aiding in your task of being a great host.

Your house should be easy to find

Turning on the front yard lights for your guests is always a nice step. Make sure the entryway to your house is well illuminated, as this makes the guests feel protected and makes it clear where they should head to. For houses in darker or rural areas, try to check if there are ways to have directional signs or posts that can lead to your house. There are many creative ways to do this – it all depends on the theme of the gathering.

Your guests should view you as ‘stress-free’

Being late, experiencing high levels of stress, a change of plans, or any other unexpected circumstances that might make it difficult for you to be at peace are things your guests should not notice. Keep the negativity away from the event you are hosting by keeping any negative comments and/or complaints to yourself. Find ways to release your stress before you begin hosting your gathering in order to give a better experience to your guests.

Let them take care of the bottles

Letting others open a bottle of wine does not only give you the ability to use the time to mingle and hang around with your guests, but it also satisfies the guests, as they usually enjoy taking care of this task. As trivial as it may sound, it is an honor to open a bottle of wine at a gathering, so make sure to supply the materials needed, and ask your guests who would like to take care of opening the bottle of wine.

Washing dishes is left for later

Once your guests see you taking care of dishes, they will feel rushed and will get on some type of clean up mode, that moment right before the end of a gathering. Keeping tables clean is desirable, but make sure to leave the time-consuming part of the cleaning up for later. Return quickly to the table and focus on your guests.

The kitchen should be clear

Use an empty oven or dishwasher in order to hide large pots, pans, and serving pieces. Starting to soak your pots and pans in the dishwasher or in a cooler is a good idea. It can end up saving time while also keeping the mess away from the sight of the guests.

The ‘after dinner event’ should take place somewhere else

The living room or an outdoor patio are great places to host an after dinner hang out session. Whether it is coffee, hot chocolate, dessert, or any other type of after dinner food, make sure to relocate your guests to a more calm and soothing environment. Try to enjoy the last moments in a relaxed and informal atmosphere.

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Shanna Wu Pecoraro, AICI CIP

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