The Qualities of a Consultant

The Qualities of a ConsultantAlthough we specifically train image consultants, it is important to understand what generally makes up a good consultant. Consultants serve a general purpose, regardless of the industry in which they are involved: to provide solutions to any conflict or problem. With their experience, expertise, and knowledge, consultants aim to provide skills that demonstrate the ability to offer solutions that are effective and viable. The industry of consultants is, therefore, full of competitors that aim to provide the best of their services. To distinguish among them, skill certificates, professional experience, and academic degrees are among the most important characteristics. In order to become a successful consultant, however, consultants must demonstrate a set of skills tailored towards the demonstration of leadership and capability of management.

Effective consultants are trusted advisors that assess the needs of their customers and aim to ultimately increase revenue or decrease cost. They also aim to solve other needs, but these are the most common problems to address in most businesses. Image consultants, for example, help key figures portray their businesses properly. Let’s discuss the key elements a business consultant should be knowledgeable of in order to successfully perform their task:

1. Management

Consultants should be able to assess the strategies, approaches, and structures employed by a company in order to get to the point it has reached. In addition, they should be able to manage these aspects of a company in a way that can help them reach the next level, since the path that takes you from point A to point B is not the same path that will take you from point B to point C.

2. Communication

Being able to effectively communicate with clients is probably the most important aspect a successful consultant needs to incorporate in their set of skills. When consulting for a company, the consultant should be able to communicate with different levels of management, in order to give a complete assessment of a possible solution. Communicating with clients is a two-way street: consultants are hired to offer solutions to the problems of the business, however, a good consultant should also take input from their customers. This will help them learn more about the interests of their clients while it will also give them a complete evaluation of a situation while also helping them come up with better solutions.

3. Offer options

The best solution to a challenge or problem will always be subjective to the situation revolving around it. In order to properly give a solution, consultants need to be able to offer different possibilities, in which the different advantages and disadvantages are carefully evaluated. In order to properly give a solution, consultants need to be able to offer different possibilities, in which the different advantages and disadvantages are carefully evaluated. The client should be able to assess the difference solutions and show some preference for those options that satisfy his or her interest the most.

4. Networking

A successful consultant will create a network for the sole reason of performing their job well\. This networking should also lead to references, as these are the most valuable assets for a consultant. Hence, why a good consultant’s networking skills should always be polished.

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Shanna Wu Pecoraro, AICI CIP

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                                                                                 Shanna Wu Pcoraro, AICI CIP 9/18/15

不顯胖的穿著秘訣二十一世紀的職業婦女, 因為工作關係, 坐在電腦前的時間越來越長, 動的時間越來越少. 在毫不自覺的情況下, 小腹漸漸凸出. 當你警覺到時, 也是你發現衣服的腰圍太緊之時. 怎麼辦? 別急! 這裡珊娜為你列出一份” 近而逺之, 避之不及” 的穿著禁忌. 加上改善方式. 只要抓住要領, 靈活運用, 包妳與 ”胖” 字絕緣.

穿著禁忌  注意: 我們的重奌是”隱藏”小腹而不是”凸顯”


  • 高腰緊身褲或牛仔褲
  • 低腰裙子或褲子
  • 闪亮太緊的布料
  • 太長或太短的裙子和褲子
  • 宽大不合身的衣服
  • 在腰部部份有圖案, 印花或淺而明亮色彩的衣服


  • 從頭头到腳穿著同一色彩
  • 直條圖案顯得高瘦
  • 深色比淺色顯得瘦些
  • 選擇V型领口
  • 沒有裙头(腰帶)或褲头的下半身(褲子或裙子)
  • A字裙
  • 尖头鞋子

錯誤的時尚選擇, 往往帶來更多的反效果. 只要了解自己的身材, 知道自己的特點, 選擇服裝絕對不是妳的負擔.

9/18/15 New York

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The Importance of Image

Image Insider Scoop - the NYC Image Consultant AcademyFirst impressions only take place once. That moment in which you introduce yourself to someone else is never re-lived, and the image we give to others becomes our personal brand. Clothes are a nonverbal code of communication as they can express how we feel about ourselves – how we want others to perceive who we are. This is the reason why public figures, from celebrities to politicians, spend high amounts of money to wear clothes tailored towards representing who they are or want to be perceived as. These phenomena can also be seen in marketing campaigns by big companies – these companies spend millions of dollars on spokespeople that can be analogous with their brand’s image. Establishing a personal image is, therefore, crucial, as much for personal affairs as it is for any type of business. Here are some steps to take in order to make sure you work towards your best image, one that reflects who you are and want to be.

Be Genuine:

Your wardrobe should fit your life. Dressing well is all about matching your personality with your external looks. Hence, every wardrobe has its own personality that matches its owner. In the business world, however, the concept of professionalism always pops up, and it may have different meanings for different people. In general the term “professionalism” is an extension of the promise of an organization’s brand, hence its relevance. In order to define your image, you need to assess your role, age, responsibility, levels of client contact, work locations and interactions, body type and personal preferences.

Learn the rules:

Knowing the rules of how to dress for the workplace can be critical to professional success, and you should always become familiarized with the rules that are in place. If you understand the rules on how to dress then you are well equipped to make choices that serve you in your professional scene. Knowing the expectations, you can then make a conscious decision to disregard them and are better prepared to deal with the consequences, in case you decide that the established rules can be omitted.

Have a purpose:

Body image issues, social pressure, compromised self-esteem, disinterest in fashion, etc. are all factors that affect the way we dress and can make us fall into a state in which we dress without an intention or purpose. Dressing should not be an unconscious choice that results from a pattern of questions (How should I look? What should I wear?), but rather an answer to the question: what are my clothes saying about me?

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Shanna Wu Pecoraro, AICI CIP

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Woman's suits成功的穿著. 是指專業成功, 而不是成就你的喜好.

在這個商務全球化的時代, 要想增加專業競爭力.首先從你的專業穿著做起.

你的穿著主宰了別人對你的看法. 如果你要顯示你的專業,得到上司和同事的敬重, 我誠懇的建議, 避免以下六點穿著禁忌:

  1. 太透明的衣服 —

穿著透明的衣物, 一定得在裏面加一件襯裙或桖衫. 要不然穿上套裝上衣.

穿白色裙子或褲子, 以有裏襯為主.

  1. 太短的裙子 —

裙子短, 让人覺得妳沒有專長,不夠能幹. 容易转移別人的注意力. 裙長即膝最為恰當.

  1. 领口太低 —

研究顯示, 女性穿著暴露,性感. 升遷機率較低.

  1. 穿戴太多的飾物 —

在辦公室裡,穿著簡單大方. 太多的珠寶手飾, 只會让人注意到妳的飾物, 而乎略了妳的辦事能力.

  1. 太过休閒的穿著 —

上班就是上班. 除了辦公穿著, 不應出現, 無肩帶的花洋裝, 拖鞋, 球鞋, 運動服或其他休閒場合的穿著.

  1. 太緊的衣服 —

衣服太緊, 让人顯得过時, 粗俗, 不專業.

避免這六點禁忌. 堅持 – 穿著專業, 禮貌待人, 認真工作, 不斷學習,  必定成功.


9/4/15 New York

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