Budapest Taxis

Budapest taxisTaxi services are so widespread and common it seems that the taxi industry should have itself figured out and under control. Obviously, this isn’t the case. Sure, new startup companies like Über and Lyft are starting to innovate and revolutionize the marketplace, but traditional taxi providers are still extremely relevant and act as such.

The difference between taxis in Budapest and New York City is dramatic. New York City’s taxis are driven by (excuse the generalizations) frustrated, often unfriendly people. There are few dress requirements – it’s always a surprise. The taxi experience in New York is different every time one steps foot in a taxi. Sometimes there’s music, sometimes there’s a fresh scent, sometimes the seats are comfortable. This gives traditional companies a bad image. Nothing is standardized so they are being replaced by companies that are successfully standardizing a difficult to standardize industry. Consumers want what they expect – nothing less.

Budapest taxis are much better standardized. Every time you step into one of these taxis, the cars smell good, drivers are well dressed, and are polite. Even further, they understand English enough to professionally communicate with western tourists.

Budapest churchAs you step into a taxi in Budapest, you will be greeted and asked if you would like to listen to music. If you don’t want to listen, they won’t make you listen the music they like. As a passenger you are entitled to travel in an environment free of disturbing such as the radio, honking, and mobile phone by the driver.

Perhaps this is why these standardized companies like Über and Lyft have had less success integrating into Budapest than they did integrating into New York City. Budapest’s taxi experience is far superior to that of New York’s.

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Shanna Wu Pecoraro, AICI CIP

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How to Make Your Company Holiday Party Work for You 

It seems that suddenly, the holiday season is upon us.  For many, the arrival of Thanksgiving and Christmas provides a sense of excitement.  There are gifts to open, trips to plan, and memories to be made.

Through the season, professionals at all levels are invited to corporate events and holiday parties.  For many, these parties can provide a place to network, mingle, and bond with colleagues.  For some, this setting can be intimidating.

Dressing to impress can make all the difference.  In the coming weeks, whether you’re attending your first holiday party or the third already this season, strategize early on about the way you present yourself at such parties to set you up for greater success.

Use the tips below as your checklist to ensure (relatively) calm nerves, and hopefully, an entertaining season of parties!

Simply elegant

What Should I Wear to My Company’s Holiday Party? 

  1. Rock the best fit for your body!  Select a dress that fits your body well, and colors that compliment your complexion.
  2. Dress appropriately.  Think about the time and location of the event, and listen to weather reports prior to getting ready.  Bring an alternate pair of shoes to the office just in case!  Be tasteful and above all, be professional.
  3. Remember, it’s still business.  Don’t wear items that are too short, too tight, too revealing, too loud, too casual, or untidy.  If your mother can see through your top, wear a camisole under it!
  4. Keep it in check!  Select a dress that stays in place and can handle moving around a room with a drink in hand.

What is the Proper Etiquette at a company Holiday Party?

  1. Always RSVP.  Don’t assume that because it’s a company party, you don’t have to RSVP. RSVP is a French expression, standing for Repondez s’il vous plait, which means “Reply if you please”.  We suggest, as a matter of common courtesy, that you always respond “yes” or “no” within 48 hours of receiving the invite.
  2. Don’t drink too much.  It may be all about the spirit of the season, and your party may be offsite, but, it’s still a business function.  Don’t lower your guard.
  3. Keep a positive attitude and body language.  Try not to carry any stress from home or the office to holiday parties.  Maintain a smile and seasonal spirit, and watch your body language. Do not stand with your arms crossed, and do not stand in the corner.
  4. Behave the same as you would in the office.  Keep in mind that some companies invite clients, partners, and other important guests besides to holiday parties, in addition to your day-to-day colleagues.  So, be on your best behavior!
  5. Send a thank-you note or email.  A special event deserves a special acknowledgment of appreciation.  Pulling off an event for a large group of people takes a lot of work, and deserves an extra spot of praise.

What’s Best Behavior during a Holiday Party?

  1. Always say hello & goodbye to the host or organizer of the party
  2. Smile often.  Speak less, and listen more.
  3. Don’t stick to your usual crowd. Introduce yourself to others in the room.  Remember, informal connections made outside the office can pay huge returns next year!
  4. It’s a holiday party!  Don’t just talk about business or personal issues.  Stuck for words?  Some easy conversation starters are: food, travel, shopping trips, current events, and New Year’s resolutions.
  5. Engage in appropriate conversation with spouses and other guests, if spouses or dates are invited.


Shanna Wu Pecoraro, AICI CIP & the team of NYC Image Consultant Academy

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Shanna Wu Pecoraro AICI CIP

不分國藉,不分教派.在紐約, 從復活節開始人人找藉口開派对.接下來感恩節, 盛誕節, 最後以新年派对狂歡結束.想要知道参加派对, 怎麼穿嗎? 以下我的流行建言: 簡單大方,但有主張. 如能靈活運用,包你成為一位受欢迎的 – 派对人.



我認為搭配 “透明”絲襪 (注意透明二字), 加上一双高跟小靴.



精心設計但不著痕跡的髮型, 強調眼部但不誇張的化妝.


“簡單大方,但有主張” OK! Go to the party and have fun!

10/18/15, New York

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How to Dress as a Modern Man

Man with blue formal suit and tie

With the mass amount of dress options men have, it has become very difficult for them to correctly style themselves. Let’s walk through some of the details of a man’s outfit to highlight what exactly needs to go where and what should be focused on.

The suit:

The pocket is not always just a functional piece of a suit. Flap pockets are considered stylish; the little pocket above the primary front pockets on the suit jacket is called a ticket pocket. It comes from British influence and is a great place for business cards. When it comes to the fit of the suit, it should contour to your body. Sleeves should be slim and tailored to form your figure, ending just above your wrists. Around half of an inch of your collared dress shirt should show past the jacket sleeve. The jacket should hug your shoulders. Nothing should be loose or baggy, a modern suit is meant to be slim. The lapels of a modern suit should be no wider than two inches at its widest point. To create a slimmer look, two buttons positioned low on the suit can help. These lower buttons should be buttoned. A back vent is okay; a jacket can have either a center vent, side vents, or (most often for tuxedos) be vent-less. Like the rest of the suit, the pants should be slim and have a flat front. They should touch the tops of your shoes and not bunch together.


A light colored linen is perfect for the summer as it is breathable. For the winter, heavy flannel is able to be worn. Wool is great for all seasons while cotton is great for every season but winter. Men have a lot of ‘fabric freedom.’ It’s important, however, to remember that colors are crucial to a successful styling. Typically, the brighter it is outside, the brighter the clothing should be. Bright colors are for the summer, earth tones are for the winter.


For casual events like cocktail get-togethers, men can wear either a suit with a dress shirt and dress pants or a tuxedo jacket with a light-colored shirt and no tie. Fortunately, casual settings are pretty forgiving. It’s better to be overdressed than underdressed. For formal events, a suit with a nice shirt, tie, waistcoat and trousers works very well. Lighter colors should be worn in the daytime along with suit variants like blazers. Tuxedos are best for ultra-formal gatherings.

Ties, shoes, and pocket squares:

The tip of the tie should land at the top of your beltline. No lower, no higher. They should, obviously, match the fabric of the suit and shirt, the level of formality of the event, and the season. Bow ties are most often worn for formal events, although, in recent times, men have been increasingly wearing bright-colored bow ties casually. The bow tie should not be broader than your neck and should never extend past the tips of your shirt collar.

Pocket squares should be folded up to have a square, triangle, or flowering shape and should be placed in the high front pocket of the suit jacket. The more formal the event, the more elaborate the folding of the pocket square.

The shoes must match the belt. Wingtips and Derbys are best for casual outfits while Loafers and Oxfords are best for formal outfits.

What is your favorite fabric? Tell us on Twitter @nycimageacademy.

Shanna Wu Pecoraro, AICI CIP

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職業婦女   不顯老的絕招

                                                                                              Shanna Wu Pecoraro, AICI CIP   10/3/15

全球經濟不景氣, 失業的人口不斷增加的同時. 辦公室裡, 人人自危.  要想保持目前的工作或尋求一份新工作. 不單只是努力而已, 還要跟得上時代, 不能顯得过時, 才能增加競爭力. 所謂跟得上時代 也就是說不能顯得老. 一切與老字有關的形容詞如: 老氣, 老土, 老觀念, 老方式… 等字眼不能出現在你的身上. 要不顯老? 國際專業形象顧問 吳珊娜 在此提供几奌 – 不花錢, 不動手術,  让你看起來年輕, 感覺更青春的方法:

  1. 履歷表簡單明瞭: 履歷表重點加強即可, 提及那些二三十年前的可有可無的小職務於事無補.
  2. 白髮是否該染? 在目前的就業市場裏, 白髪代表上年紀, 代表更多的責任, 也就是說公司必須支付更多的福利. 公司為了省錢,可能捨你取他. 當然如果白髮能讓你顯的更有特色, 不妨剪一個既流行又符合你臉型的髮型. 同樣的能發揮作用.
  3. 不要將老花眼睛掛在脖子上: 這老女人的樣子, 代表你老是忘記眼鏡放在那裏, 掛在脖子上, 讓人立即了解妳的年齡, 反有此地無銀三百兩的意味.
  4. 適當的化妝: 選擇適合膚色的粉底, 避免太鮮豔的口紅. 深色口紅色彩容易停在嘴唇皺紋中, 嘴唇顯得粗糙老氣. 接近唇色口紅, 不會让人注意你的嘴唇, 反將視力集中妳的眼睛.
  5. 修剪妳的眉毛: 一對修剪完美的眉型, 會让妳的五官明顯而突出.
  6. 別忘了漂白你的牙齒: 一白遮三醜. 牙齒白, 让臉部顯得平整光滑, 當然還會顯得年輕.
  7. 買衣服重質不重量: 一件適合膚色質感好的長褲,裙子或洋裝. 可让妳有無數的搭配方式. 即使你每天穿同一件長褲別人也不會注意到的.
  8. 穿著適合的胸罩: 適合的胸罩, 支撐妳的胸部, 让妳穿衣平整服貼. (百分之八十的女人选錯尺寸)
  9. 穿適合的塑身衣 (避免太緊, 只須服貼): 小肚微凸, 是中年女性很難避免的. 現在的科技發達, 束身衣不像以前, 穿上令人坐立難安.  反而有調整身材, 排汗通風之功效.
  10. 穿小高跟鞋: 橡膠平底鞋是舒服方便, 但如果你不想让人認為妳是老太太的話. 丟棄那大膠鞋, 換上有跟秀氣奌的鞋. 馬上让妳年輕好幾歲.
  11. 別穿膚色褲襪: 穿上膚色不透明褲襪袜. 顯得过時, 老氣. 夏天可用有色乳液塗在雙腿, 不須穿裤袜.
  12. 添購流行飾品: 每季添加一兩件簡單, 容易搭配的流行飾品. 是最簡單的時尚升級方式.



10/3/15 New York

有興趣學習形象,禮儀或成為形象顧問  請點