“Color is the most important thing for a woman” – Angela Merkel

“颜色是女人最重要的东西” – 德国总理Angela Merkel 于2014年12月在纽约客杂志上说道。

Fashion Color



色彩的魅力无处不在。想一想绘画。想一想你喜欢的商标 -如果它们换了另外不同的色彩,你还会喜欢吗?


2014年,《大西洋月刊》肯定了色彩的重要性和刊登了有关研究,赞扬了一款杰出的app,叫色彩构成(Interaction of Color),基于Josef Albers的书本。色彩能让我们看上去更老成或年轻。它们能让我们看起来充满活力或无精打采。它们让我们感到开心,悲伤或冷漠的。色彩能在生理上让我们身体感到热 (想想在炎热的夏天穿着黑色服饰?)或冷(在冬天穿白色外套,问问自己够暖了吗。)在穿衣时能够检测出色彩是增强了甜蜜的气氛还是苦闷的气氛,这很自然地从视觉上和心理上影响着你看待自己的方式 。


色彩还有很多方面有待研究,造型师应该时时刻刻考虑着色彩,而不是只关注顾客衣柜的主题变化。(实际上,在NYC形象顾问里,我们的Personal Color Palette 参考工具提供了包含20款个人调色板颜色组合图表,和4个基准色调色板。



  • 浅色被认为有亲切感和容易接近,深色看起来更强壮和有动力。
  • 視覺上浅色显眼 感覺較近,暗色比較不显眼 感覺較遠。
  • 通常来说,浅色显的温和而暗色看起来比較严肃。
  • 亮色传达出热情,有趣和兴奋。
  • 暗色吸光 比較正式或保守的。
  • 中间色段的颜色(想一下奶油色)被认为更经典和中立的。
  • 暖色调被认为是朴实的,友好的,可亲近的。冷色调被认为是经典的,权威的和娴雅的。



吳珊娜 Shanna Wu Pecoraro, AICI CIP

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Gifting, Re-gifting, and Giving in this Holiday season

Plenty of people, it seems, stress about holiday gifts.  From the inscription on the card to delivery methods, to the actual gift or service (or gift card, as the case seems to increasingly include), we worry whether what we’re gifting is appropriate and will be received with delight.


What we don’t speak about as often is the challenge of what to do with that gift you didn’t ask for, or that doesn’t fit, or that just doesn’t work.   As a receiver, do you politely return or exchange your gift, and as a gift giver, how can you reduce the likelihood of giving a bad gift in the future?


gift or re-gift

gift or re-gift

We suggest a few tips as a gifting best practice, here:


  • Regifting is recycling. It’s actually a fairly innovative practice, but should be used sparingly and with as much thoughtfulness as you would expend in purchasing a brand new gift.
  • Regifted items should always include their original box from the store or site, and original manufacturer wrapping if at all possible.
  • Don’t regift something that you know the receiver would never desire. It is better not to gift at all than to place your host/friend in an awkward situation.
  • Do not regift items like fresh food, or personal items that involve size and color (like hats, gloves, scarfs or clothing). If something is vintage or truly retro, note it in the message inside your card.
  • Whether it’s a regift or an original purchase, if you think your gift’s receiver may not understand the intent behind the gift, write a nice sentence or two about your idea for its use in the corresponding card. Or, if you’re going to exchange gifts in-person and the timing is appropriate, nudge the person and explain your intention. This can help to eliminate questions and ease your anxious “gifter” mind.


To avoid gifter’s anxiety, start to designate a section of a drawer or closet as your “Gift Storage” to save a few unisex or last minute gifts that could be appreciated by most anyone.  Use this place to store items you’ve received that are unused and worthy of a possible regift.  Include a few roles of wrapping paper (solid colors without a holiday theme are best) as well as a few gift bags with handles, a few blank cards, and a pair of scissors and tape.  This will help you be prepared for any unexpected situations – and come out ahead.


Here’s to your season of giving,


Shanna Wu Pecoraro, AICI CIP


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Go “FIGURE” with “Styling ABC”

“See perfection as a standard and imperfection as unique, singular and original. See it as the definition of you– the one and only you.” – Isabella Rossellini

I often heard my clients said something like these: “I love this dress, but I just don’t have the body for it”, “If I lose 5 pounds, I’ll be able to wear it” or “She has a perfect body for it.”

What is a perfect body?

Scientifically speaking, there is no perfect body, because we are all unique individuals, we share different DNA, and we have different shapes and sizes. A shorter person can have longer legs than a tall person. A taller person can have shorter arms than a shorter person. On the other hand, we all can be perfect technically, regardless of shape or size. I believe that looking good is to create your personal best proportions –not comparing yourself with someone else. There is no gimmick, no flash … just bring your best self forward.

My secret of creating proportion – It’s using clothing design details to create visual illusion that Accentuate, Balance and Camouflage your features.

Accentuate – It’s first to realize your body assets. Accentuate your most positive features. For example: If you have small waist, slopping shoulder and little bigger in the button. You can choose this dress (as the picture left) that accentuate your waist and balance your shoulder and camouflage your button.

Balance – Examples, by using shirt collars to balance your face shape. A point collar shirt works well with rounded face person and a spread collar shirt complements a narrow face person well.

Camouflage – Example, if you have a long torso and shorter legs, choosing a belt of which color matches the pants, visually it’ll elongate your legs and shorten your torso.

I hope you all find my styling ABC is helpful. Remember bring your best features forward – Accentuate the positives, Balance the challenges, and Camouflage the negatives.

Thank you for reading

With my best wishes until next time,


Shanna Wu pecoraro, AICI CIP