Go “FIGURE” with “Styling ABC”

“See perfection as a standard and imperfection as unique, singular and original. See it as the definition of you– the one and only you.” – Isabella Rossellini

I often heard my clients said something like these: “I love this dress, but I just don’t have the body for it”, “If I lose 5 pounds, I’ll be able to wear it” or “She has a perfect body for it.”

What is a perfect body?

Scientifically speaking, there is no perfect body, because we are all unique individuals, we share different DNA, and we have different shapes and sizes. A shorter person can have longer legs than a tall person. A taller person can have shorter arms than a shorter person. On the other hand, we all can be perfect technically, regardless of shape or size. I believe that looking good is to create your personal best proportions –not comparing yourself with someone else. There is no gimmick, no flash … just bring your best self forward.

My secret of creating proportion – It’s using clothing design details to create visual illusion that Accentuate, Balance and Camouflage your features.

Accentuate – It’s first to realize your body assets. Accentuate your most positive features. For example: If you have small waist, slopping shoulder and little bigger in the button. You can choose this dress (as the picture left) that accentuate your waist and balance your shoulder and camouflage your button.

Balance – Examples, by using shirt collars to balance your face shape. A point collar shirt works well with rounded face person and a spread collar shirt complements a narrow face person well.

Camouflage – Example, if you have a long torso and shorter legs, choosing a belt of which color matches the pants, visually it’ll elongate your legs and shorten your torso.

I hope you all find my styling ABC is helpful. Remember bring your best features forward – Accentuate the positives, Balance the challenges, and Camouflage the negatives.

Thank you for reading

With my best wishes until next time,


Shanna Wu pecoraro, AICI CIP