Simple Style Advice for Female Professionals

Navigating through life as a young female professional in any large city is challenging by itself. From dating and exercise to roommates to figuring out how to eat right – there’s a lot to think about.


Many of the younger female professionals we’ve spoken through the years and within our Academy’s community, have relayed a fairly frustrating amount of stress related to dressing right – especially at the office. Finding the right look for your body that makes you stand out in the right way at work and that doesn’t break the bank is a real and frequent challenge for many. But it doesn’t have to be.


Fashion “rules” for women in the workplace are getting more lax all the time, and an array of choices are available to experiment with – both in-store and online.

Young professional

Female professionals (Photo: Max Mara 2016)

Here are a few tips we’d suggest to the professional young woman aiming to look modern, comfortable, and confidently in-charge:


  1. Evaluate your go-to heel height. If you can’t walk confidently or comfortably in high heels, kick them to the curb and replace them with these oxford flats (as the picture shows). In 2016, oxford flats are just as professional as anything higher.
  2. Aim to buy high-waisted pants and skirts. These elongate your legs while the flats take over your heels.
  3. Pick up a few box jackets. These can be fitted and tailored to emphasize comfort and your best assets, and be worn over anything from bodysuits to sweaters and even solid T-shirts.
  4. Get a big light weight leather bag to keep things simple. You can now put everything in one bag – your laptop, gym shoes, afternoon snack and everything else. It can all fit in one black, navy, or white shoulder bag, while still looking presentable.


We hope these tips inspire your Spring and Summer shopping plans for simplicity and comfort. Let us know what you think on the blog and on Twitter, @nycimageacademy For more info at

Does Your Taxi-Taking Etiquette Need Some Work?

Whether you’re accustomed to taking a yellow cab daily, or perhaps an Uber, Lyft, or other taxi/ride-share program here and there – you’ve at some point encountered an unexpectedly rude driver. In fact, folks in our community have told us they’ve had such frustrating experiences so many times that they avoid taking taxis as much as possible.

Taxi etiquette rules

Taxi etiquette rules

Whether you like them or not, taxis are ubiquitous in many urban environments and at some point, you’ll need to jump in and take one.


We’ve put together a list of taxi etiquette rules to remember, both for taxi drivers and for you – the rider.  Etiquette, like all things in life, works both ways.



  1. Welcome the passenger with a warm “hello” and ask for their destination address and cross street; remember they are your customer from the moment they hail your cab to the moment they step out
  2. Repeat the address to the passenger, and confirm the desired street corner as you near the destination. Speak loudly to avoid miscommunication
  3. Ask the passenger if the temperature is acceptable, and confirm that the current background volume (radio, Taxi TV etc) is acceptable
  4. Drive safely, obeying traffic signals and avoid honking
  5. Use your mobile phone as minimally as possible while a passenger is with you
  6. Ensure your taxi’s bankcard system is functioning; alert riders to any issues with it upon their entering your taxi
  7. Do not smoke in the vehicle at any time
  8. Avoid using heavily scented air fresheners in your taxi. Many people are sensitive to the chemicals in these fresheners, which can cause migraines or allergic reactions to some


For Taxi RIDERS:

  1. Greet the driver upon entering the taxi
  2. Be ready to announce your intended destination’s address, and a preferred route if you have one (highways, no highways, etc). Listen to your driver’s opinion on specific routes; they have been on shift most of the day and may be aware of traffic issues or alternate routes you won’t know about
  3. Your driver is not a mind reader – so alert him or her to temperature and volume needs shortly after entering the taxi
  4. Take cups, gum, Kleenex, and other trash with you upon your exit. The taxi is someone’s workspace and a future rider’s safe space, not a trashcan
  5. Put on your seatbelt for the duration of the ride. Your safety is paramount
  6. If you are feeling ill or have motion sensitivities, alert your driver immediately if you need to pull over
  7. Treat the driver with the same respect as you would any other professional; you may end up riding with them again
  8. Upon reaching your destination, pay your bill promptly and tip appropriately. 15% is acceptable for most rides, although late nights rides or heavy rain/snow conditions justify an additional few dollars in tip


Do you agree with these basic considerations? Tell us on Twitter @nycimageacademy


  • What does your taxi etiquette say about your personal and professional brand? Find out more at our next “3 Steps To a Winning Personal Brand” class on February 20th in New York City.

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美國傳統说法,女士是有教养的,而绅士是有智慧的,严肃的性别。任何真理与这些假设可能是由于人类遗传学或者教养,或兩者皆是。你可以看看一些节目如Mad Men(AMC有线电视台),看到一些成功人士出色的着装例子。遵循这些经典的穿着规则,这些角色总是看起来是最棒的。撇开科学和电视剧,2016年主张一些男士和女士的时尚基本准则,遵循这些准则能帮助男士拥有造型,色彩和风格来建立自信和增强个人品牌的影响。 现在来谈一谈这些基本的准则吧。


Man's Suits

Man’s Suits








缝线处应该要顺着肩膀一直下落,袖子的长度应该是可以见到衬衫袖口,外套和衬衣长度应有少许的不同 (¼英寸—½英寸是可以接受的)。这样,外套和袖子显示的衬衫有了对比,能够加强你的造型。



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