Simple Style Advice for Female Professionals

Navigating through life as a young female professional in any large city is challenging by itself. From dating and exercise to roommates to figuring out how to eat right – there’s a lot to think about.


Many of the younger female professionals we’ve spoken through the years and within our Academy’s community, have relayed a fairly frustrating amount of stress related to dressing right – especially at the office. Finding the right look for your body that makes you stand out in the right way at work and that doesn’t break the bank is a real and frequent challenge for many. But it doesn’t have to be.


Fashion “rules” for women in the workplace are getting more lax all the time, and an array of choices are available to experiment with – both in-store and online.

Young professional

Female professionals (Photo: Max Mara 2016)

Here are a few tips we’d suggest to the professional young woman aiming to look modern, comfortable, and confidently in-charge:


  1. Evaluate your go-to heel height. If you can’t walk confidently or comfortably in high heels, kick them to the curb and replace them with these oxford flats (as the picture shows). In 2016, oxford flats are just as professional as anything higher.
  2. Aim to buy high-waisted pants and skirts. These elongate your legs while the flats take over your heels.
  3. Pick up a few box jackets. These can be fitted and tailored to emphasize comfort and your best assets, and be worn over anything from bodysuits to sweaters and even solid T-shirts.
  4. Get a big light weight leather bag to keep things simple. You can now put everything in one bag – your laptop, gym shoes, afternoon snack and everything else. It can all fit in one black, navy, or white shoulder bag, while still looking presentable.


We hope these tips inspire your Spring and Summer shopping plans for simplicity and comfort. Let us know what you think on the blog and on Twitter, @nycimageacademy For more info at