Personal Branding: Essential for Business Leaders

As a business leader, taking care of your own visual identity is not a superficial thing; it’s professionalism. “Looking the part” in the role that you play is expected. You are responsible for your own professional success. Considering how others perceive you for that “first second” impression, and spending some time on your visual identity, expands your opportunities for success.


Thinking of yourself as a product and service is a first step to building your visual identity, which you can think of as your invisible business card. When you start to look at yourself as a brand and then consider your customers’ satisfaction with your brand, you’ll increasingly leave a positive image, personally and professionally. Considering these factors allows you to build on the steps necessary to market yourself.


Leaders' dressing


As trainers of image consultant, we consider some of the following points to enhance a professional’s image:


  • – We analyze every visual element of our client’s professional life
  • – We take a critical look at a client’s manners
  • – We examine a client’s communication skills – verbal and nonverbal
  • – We analyze our clients’ online presence
  • – We bring out a client’s authenticity in their personal and professional image, from clothing style to the way each client carriers herself
  • – We get to know you and understand whom you are as a person, to make the very best of you.


If you haven’t had the chance to work with an image consultant in your professional life yet, for yourself or your colleagues, let us know. Having an objective advocate on behalf of your personal branding goes a very long way, paying itself again many times over.

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