Taking Care of Your Leather Shoes & Bags

“Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world.” – Marilyn Monroe


Finding the right outfits that fit and flatter you, shoes that are comfortable and stylish, and accessories for flavor can be challenging for many. Building a routine to care for these items is not very complicated. But for many, an added step will be too many. Our clients often find the “shop in your closet” activities is dreadful. They usually realize how much they need to do to care for the items they’ve invested upon completion.

Bags & Shoes

Let’s look at some tips to taking the best care of your leather shoes and bags:

  1. Store them in a closet with good airflow and low humidity. Sunlight may fade and dry out leather. High humidity can lead to mildew on leather goods.
  2. Spray leather bags and shoes with a waterproof spray before using them in rain or high humidity day to prevent water spots, stains, and cracks. Remember to spray the straps as well.
  3. Put lipstick and other potentially staining items in protective cases rather than keeping them loose your bag. Also, do not overload your bag. Placing heavy items in a leather bag may cause the straps or handles to stretch or break.
  4. Use baby wipes to clean dirt, food crumbs and other potentially staining substances from the bag soon after use to prevent the substances from being ground into your bag’s liner.
  5. Don’t use shoe polish for your handbag even if it is intended for leather shoes.
  6. Don’t be afraid to invest in shoe-care and bag-care. It’s worthwhile to spend $95 to repair your $990 Jimmy Choos’ shoes or your Gucci bag if it maintains the wearability for a few years.
  7. Replace rubber bases on your shoes before the heel starts to wear out.
  8. Use Shoetrees help hold the shape of your shoes.
  9. Use Shoehorns to prevent breaking the backs of shoes.
  10. Resole your shoes so that they last longer, but only do this for good shoes.

What do you think?

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The Positive Body Language for Interviews

“A good stance and posture reflect a proper state of mind” – Morihei Ueshiba

In our experience, keeping a good posture is supportive for both a healthy back and for your strong, confident image. Famous actors, speakers, and teachers have agreed. Here are a few tips to help you maintain confidence and positive body language:


  1. Sit up straight, cross your legs at the ankles, lean forward slightly, and don’t tap your feet
  2. Stand straight; chin up don’t slouch and keep your feet still. Shoulders should be relaxed, and arms at your side
  3. Do no break eye contact, engage in shifty eyes, or staring
  4. Always use your right hand to give a good handshake. The handshake should be firm, but not too intense of a squeeze
  5. When you speak, do not chop and point. Do not speak with crossed arms or put your hand behind your back
  6. Occasionally nod your head to show that you are listening and understand what the other person is saying
  7. Your expressions are also important. No yawning! Do not scratch your head, play with your hair, look at your watch, or engage in other such signs that signal that you are no longer interested in making the conversation over.


What do you do to remind yourself and your clients to stand up straight?

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Read more personal image tips at www.imageinsiderscoop.com