Eating Sushi with Grace

For years, a favorite luncheon for me was the Sushi – simple, delicious and full of protein! While tasty, my frequent sushi consumption led me to realize that raw fish isn’t always the easiest thing for everyone to eat! If you’ve ever had challenges adhering to sushi etiquette, I hope these simple tips may help you.


Sushi Etiquette


  • In a fine sushi restaurant, never scrub your chopsticks together to remove pricks. Ask for a new pair.
  • Just like when eating a burger, it’s correct to use fingers to pick up sushi. (fingers or chopsticks are both correct)
  • Lightly dip the fish, not the rice, into a small amount of soy sauce. Once it’s been flavored, put the fish side on your tongue and eat it in one or two bites. Don’t forget to chew thoroughly.
  • ˆUse the back end of the chopsticks when taking food from a serving plate.
  • Don’t bite sushi in half and put the remainder back on the plate.
  • ˆWasabi should be put directly onto your sushi, not mixed into your soy sauce.
  • When you are taking a break from your meal, rest the narrow end of your chopsticks on the small chopstick holder.
  • ˆWhen you are finished with your meal, place your chopsticks on your saucer.
  • NEVER hand money to the sushi chef while he is working.

Are you a fellow sushi connoisseur or a sushi chef? If you have other sushi-related tips to share, please reply or comment below. Thank you!


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