Matching Professionalism to Your Personal Style

Working with a client base that crosses fashion, tech, finance, and media, we tend to meet a lot of unique personalities. This blend of characters is one of the brightest benefits of being an image consultant!


Our clients have often found difficulty integrating their own sense of casual, fun styles with a level of professional sophistication.  As a recent example: a few colleagues of ours attended the Fast Company Innovation Festival in Manhattan. The states of speaker and attendee dress ranged greatly. Some men wore suits, some ladies donned sandals and jeans — but most were somewhere in between.


In a panel discussion with actress/designer Sarah Jessica Parker, AOL’s Tim Armstrong, and Fast Company’s Editor-in-Chief Robert Safian, the stage showed it all: casual elegance.  Parker, showcasing her latest pair at SJP Collection, was an example of modern casual. Armstrong, as a tech CEO, donned a sweater and loafers, and Safian wore a jacket (open) with pants and a pair of classic lace-up.


This flexibility for modern leaders in many business functions is encouraging, and allows your clients to play with their inner “creator”. It’s a good thing!  For guys looking for casual-chic, encourage them to hit the office as they would meet up for a nice Sunday brunch. For ladies, encourage them to arrive as they would for a day of upscale shopping: comfy, but sophisticated.


In the end, it’s best to remind your clients that being read as “classy” has nothing to do with dressing “classic”.


Agree with our advice?  Send us photos of you or your client in “casual chic” and we’ll consider them for inclusion in an upcoming post.

Mastering Color (as Image Consultants)

Frequently, we hear about someone with great credentials who doesn’t seem able to advance in his or her career. Yet someone else, less qualified, does. Why is that? It may be that the second person embodies a stronger visual credibility.


What is visual credibility, and how does it impact your clients? Visual credibility is the ability to sell yourself as the admirable, respected person that you are. The tool for empowering your clients to do that is all in the wardrobe, as well as in their grooming habits. It is important to remember that looks do matter, and that your clients have much more control over creating positive outcomes than they might realize.


At the same time, it is entirely possible for clients to make changes without taking drastic measures like plastic surgery, acquiring a $10,000 wardrobe, or spending two weeks at a health and fitness resort.


On February 13, Shanna Pecoraro and the NYC Image Consultant Academy will offer a class to help image consultants and stylists improve their color recommendations, which will help clients vastly improve their visual credibility.


In the program, consultants can expect to become stronger at:

  • Pairing colors that are uniquely flattering to clients
  • Matching the level of respect your clients receive with clothes that magically convey a high level of visual credibility
  • Finding ways to distinguish your clients’ unique personal style
  • Making improvements to your clients’ visual credibility within 24 hours


Take a look at our “Steps to Your Best Coloring” course in NYC on February 15, 2017 – and let us know what questions you may have. Additional details can be found below, and you can click here to register. In case you’re interested, our popular “FAST TRACK to becoming an image consultant” program is also taking place on February 14 – 20 in NYC. Click here for more info.



Course information:  

“Steps to Your Best Coloring” – here, we “train the color consultant” in a program designed for image consultants, stylists, hair professionals, makeup artists and anyone who is obsessed with color in their lives.  The program is approved by the Association of Image Consultant International (AICI) for 0.7 CEUs. The program runs $650, and AICI members receive 20% off.


Description & Learning Outcomes:

Get ready for a hands-on, 7-hour course that will renew and enhance your understanding of the relationship between personal coloring and color theory. Go deep into choosing the best color palette for your clients. In this program, Shanna shares her unique three simple steps to finding the best color.  She will teach you how to see, identify, and match subtle nuances of color in skin tone, hair, makeup, and clothing.


By the end of this program you’ll be able:

  • Conduct color analysis effectively and with confidence
  • Define three properties of personal coloring
  • Identify the best color palette for each client
  • Identify the differences between right and wrong color effects on a person
  • Name the key characteristics of each color palette

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Building Business Relationships with your Chinese Counterparts

Foreigners discovering China for the first time are often swept away by the incredible strength of the country’s character: its geography, natural beauty, as well as its tremendously dense cities and vibrant people.  As with travel to any new country, visiting China on business is something that may require added and early research and planning.


As a general rule, the Chinese are very formal when it comes to respecting etiquette – especially in business settings. If you’re heading to China for business, consider these cultural tips to ensure success!




  • Usually, business relationships formed after your Chinese counterpart gets to know you, so working through an intermediary is crucial. The relationship could be an individual or an organization that can make a formal introduction and vouch for the reliability of your company.


  • Send materials in Chinese that describe your company, its history, and literature about your products and services before you leave to China. The Chinese often use intermediaries to ask questions that they would prefer not to inquire about directly.


  • Be very patient. In general, Chinese companies are known to take a considerable amount of time to make a decision.


  • You are always the representatives of your company; even the trip is a personal one. That meant, always make sure you are on your best behavior.


  • “Rank” is extremely important in business relationships. Always keep this in mind when you address someone in a business meeting. It is important to note that there is no gender bias in business.



  • The Chinese often prefer face-to-face meetings rather than written or telephonic communication. Remember the communication is official, especially in dealing with someone of higher rank. Treating a high-ranking official too informally, especially in front of their peers, could ruin a potential deal.


  • Meals and social events are not the places for business discussions. There is a difference between business and socializing in China, so try to be careful not to intertwine the two.


Have you had successful business meetings in China?  Let us know your tips or thoughts here!


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