Matching Professionalism to Your Personal Style

Working with a client base that crosses fashion, tech, finance, and media, we tend to meet a lot of unique personalities. This blend of characters is one of the brightest benefits of being an image consultant!


Our clients have often found difficulty integrating their own sense of casual, fun styles with a level of professional sophistication.  As a recent example: a few colleagues of ours attended the Fast Company Innovation Festival in Manhattan. The states of speaker and attendee dress ranged greatly. Some men wore suits, some ladies donned sandals and jeans — but most were somewhere in between.


In a panel discussion with actress/designer Sarah Jessica Parker, AOL’s Tim Armstrong, and Fast Company’s Editor-in-Chief Robert Safian, the stage showed it all: casual elegance.  Parker, showcasing her latest pair at SJP Collection, was an example of modern casual. Armstrong, as a tech CEO, donned a sweater and loafers, and Safian wore a jacket (open) with pants and a pair of classic lace-up.


This flexibility for modern leaders in many business functions is encouraging, and allows your clients to play with their inner “creator”. It’s a good thing!  For guys looking for casual-chic, encourage them to hit the office as they would meet up for a nice Sunday brunch. For ladies, encourage them to arrive as they would for a day of upscale shopping: comfy, but sophisticated.


In the end, it’s best to remind your clients that being read as “classy” has nothing to do with dressing “classic”.


Agree with our advice?  Send us photos of you or your client in “casual chic” and we’ll consider them for inclusion in an upcoming post.