Ace & Jig: The Best Up-and-Coming Brand of 2016

From their cursive-y logo to their 2016 Fashion Week video, Ace & Jig have created a look that is all-at-once 1970’s Mary Quant meets 1992 Ce Ce Peniston realness. They have created and are marketing a truly modern-met-vintage aesthetic.  Based in ultra-hip Brooklyn, the growing fashion brand is making a name for itself in ladies circles everywhere. We thought we’d ponder a bit on why.  ace-jig

First off, Ace & Jig’s looks are often created with mixed patterns. After years of solids in so many fashion spaces, mixed colors and patterns add a sense of vibrancy that most catwalks haven’t seen since the 90’s.


Politics is certainly playing a role here. With a new President about to step into the White House, a sense of humor and irony is one major consideration the fashion world offers us.  Ace & Jig’s looks are funky, sassy, and a face-slap to those who can’t accept bright ideas, diverse people, and of course, mixed patterns. Our circles are connected.


For those of us who are image consultants, the rules to follow are changing. Ace & Jig seems to embrace the fashion victim in us all – they accept that the off-sized, baggy and uber-comfy can reign – even in high fashion.  Consultants should take heed and get a little loose with definitions, structure, fabrics and accessories. Diversifying your closet will diversify your creative brain – and your life!


What do you think about Ace & Jig?

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Picking the Right Pair of Glasses


Last week, we were just about to move past the “back to school” sales and promotions that have created lines in stores and on e-commerce sites for the past 5-6 weeks. While working with a client on seasonal wardrobe update, he asked for help with selecting a new pair of eyeglasses. After two years of the same pair, he was ready for a change.


Our client’s primary interest was to create more definition around his eyes – using the frames to make his blue eyes pop while quite literally framing his face. We ended up spending several hours on Manhattan’s Upper East Side, testing frames and having lots of laughs while trying on various sunglasses, eyeglasses, and other in-store accessories. We narrowed it down to 2 pairs: a stunning midnight blue pair from Face à Face at Occhiali’s store, as well as a cobalt blue pair from Warby Parker, at their upper eastside shop.


In case you are looking to refresh your fall look, a new pair of eyeglasses can make a huge difference – and sometimes, a faster and more distinctive difference than shopping for new fall eye colors or lip liners. Here are a few tips that can help you with eyeglass selection:

  • Consider your face shape before choosing glasses. For example: If you like to balance your round face, go for glasses with an angular shape. It is always flattering
  • A wide bridge between the lenses often fits better for the person with wider set eyes.
  • Consider the weight of frames you currently have and think about an adjustment period if you end up finding frames that are heavier
  • Consider other glasses you have. Assuming your prescription hasn’t changed, ask yourself what color and glasses “look” will best communicate the image you hope to portray next season.
  • If you wear contacts daily (or have perfect eyesight – lucky devil!), consider finding a pair of eyeglasses with no prescription. Style-only glasses are fun to shop for, and can make you appear smarter, sexier, and more confident in all sorts of instances.


By the way, our client ends up snagging the midnight blue pair which made his blue eyes pop. Let us know your eyeglass finds and selections below, or via our Twitter handle @nycimageacademy

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Eating Sushi with Grace

For years, a favorite luncheon for me was the Sushi – simple, delicious and full of protein! While tasty, my frequent sushi consumption led me to realize that raw fish isn’t always the easiest thing for everyone to eat! If you’ve ever had challenges adhering to sushi etiquette, I hope these simple tips may help you.


Sushi Etiquette


  • In a fine sushi restaurant, never scrub your chopsticks together to remove pricks. Ask for a new pair.
  • Just like when eating a burger, it’s correct to use fingers to pick up sushi. (fingers or chopsticks are both correct)
  • Lightly dip the fish, not the rice, into a small amount of soy sauce. Once it’s been flavored, put the fish side on your tongue and eat it in one or two bites. Don’t forget to chew thoroughly.
  • ˆUse the back end of the chopsticks when taking food from a serving plate.
  • Don’t bite sushi in half and put the remainder back on the plate.
  • ˆWasabi should be put directly onto your sushi, not mixed into your soy sauce.
  • When you are taking a break from your meal, rest the narrow end of your chopsticks on the small chopstick holder.
  • ˆWhen you are finished with your meal, place your chopsticks on your saucer.
  • NEVER hand money to the sushi chef while he is working.

Are you a fellow sushi connoisseur or a sushi chef? If you have other sushi-related tips to share, please reply or comment below. Thank you!


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Dressing Tips for the CEO-ready

For years, many in our community of clients wondered, “How is it that some of the female CEOs we know are always able to look so put together?”

Dressing in the office has a lot to do with your company’s culture. When working with dress codes, more creative, laid back occupations call for less stringent dressing routines and more formal occupations require more formality. However, there are some rules that apply to almost everyone. Whether you’re a corporate CEO, the founder of a technology startup, or an up-and-coming leader, there are some tips that we can all follow:

Power outfit

  • Don’t shy away from color, especially when it comes to dressing. Pick the right color and people remember YOU; Pick the wrong color and people will only remember your DRESS
  • Trade in your corporate power suits for designers that feature cleaner lines and an edgier look
  • Simple makeup is never a bad idea, especially when there’s an impromptu meeting or luncheon to attend
  • Investing in a great hair ‘do or professional blow dry can establish a level of polish without having to wear your “Sunday best”
  • Spice up your look with some interesting accessories – statement pieces that aren’t too flashy

In our opinion, anyone in a leadership role has a duty and a responsibility to look professional, be well-dressed, and always act as a spokesperson for the brand she represents. If dressing is not your strength, hiring an image consultant/stylist will save you headaches and a lot of time and money, too.

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Your Professional Closet Update This Summer


Do you ever stare at your closet full of clothes and find yourself saying, “crap, I have nothing to wear!” This occurrence is more common than you’d think. A common perception that leads us to such closet dilemmas is one suggesting that dressing “Professional” means you can’t be chic & trendy. The good news is that this idea couldn’t be further from the truth – you can dress chic and professional at the same time in many workplace scenarios.

Summer updates

Here are a few summertime closet updates you may want to consider:


Choosing color – Be mindful of choosing colors. Colors can make you look younger, healthier and slimmer. So choose the colors that complement your skin tone, and be sure to test unknown colors by holding them next to your face and asking a friend to give you their honest opinion. Ask “does this make my face pop?” Such tests work well with scarfs, shirts, ties, necklaces, glasses, lipstick, and more.

Choosing style – In the summer, your professional attire can be a little looser & comfortable, but always avoid plunging necklines, open shirt backs and short shorts. For the most flattering professional look, we suggest keeping the length of your skirt and shorts just below or above the knee.

For many of our clients, it has been well worth it to invest in these summer items:


  • A summer suit (if you have the budget) or dress pants in your best neutral color
  • A pair of lightweight jeans or lighter colored Capris
  • A sleeveless dress that fits your body shape and your personal style (hint: in 2016, we are seeing a lot of patterns)
  • A short in your best neutral color (black, gray, khaki, cream, brown or white)
  • A tee in your best color
  • A printed blouse within your color palette
  • A cotton or linen cardigan
  • A statement piece, like a cotton or linen scarf in your best colors & pattern
  • Accessories, such as a lightweight bag, sandals, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and sunglasses


Keep in mind that you don’t have to break the bank to find new summer looks; often times, inexpensive deals can be found online, on sale and at outlets. The key is to start looking now and not waiting until too late in the end of summer to start.

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Simple Style Advice for Female Professionals

Navigating through life as a young female professional in any large city is challenging by itself. From dating and exercise to roommates to figuring out how to eat right – there’s a lot to think about.


Many of the younger female professionals we’ve spoken through the years and within our Academy’s community, have relayed a fairly frustrating amount of stress related to dressing right – especially at the office. Finding the right look for your body that makes you stand out in the right way at work and that doesn’t break the bank is a real and frequent challenge for many. But it doesn’t have to be.


Fashion “rules” for women in the workplace are getting more lax all the time, and an array of choices are available to experiment with – both in-store and online.

Young professional

Female professionals (Photo: Max Mara 2016)

Here are a few tips we’d suggest to the professional young woman aiming to look modern, comfortable, and confidently in-charge:


  1. Evaluate your go-to heel height. If you can’t walk confidently or comfortably in high heels, kick them to the curb and replace them with these oxford flats (as the picture shows). In 2016, oxford flats are just as professional as anything higher.
  2. Aim to buy high-waisted pants and skirts. These elongate your legs while the flats take over your heels.
  3. Pick up a few box jackets. These can be fitted and tailored to emphasize comfort and your best assets, and be worn over anything from bodysuits to sweaters and even solid T-shirts.
  4. Get a big light weight leather bag to keep things simple. You can now put everything in one bag – your laptop, gym shoes, afternoon snack and everything else. It can all fit in one black, navy, or white shoulder bag, while still looking presentable.


We hope these tips inspire your Spring and Summer shopping plans for simplicity and comfort. Let us know what you think on the blog and on Twitter, @nycimageacademy For more info at


“Color is the most important thing for a woman” – Angela Merkel

“颜色是女人最重要的东西” – 德国总理Angela Merkel 于2014年12月在纽约客杂志上说道。

Fashion Color



色彩的魅力无处不在。想一想绘画。想一想你喜欢的商标 -如果它们换了另外不同的色彩,你还会喜欢吗?


2014年,《大西洋月刊》肯定了色彩的重要性和刊登了有关研究,赞扬了一款杰出的app,叫色彩构成(Interaction of Color),基于Josef Albers的书本。色彩能让我们看上去更老成或年轻。它们能让我们看起来充满活力或无精打采。它们让我们感到开心,悲伤或冷漠的。色彩能在生理上让我们身体感到热 (想想在炎热的夏天穿着黑色服饰?)或冷(在冬天穿白色外套,问问自己够暖了吗。)在穿衣时能够检测出色彩是增强了甜蜜的气氛还是苦闷的气氛,这很自然地从视觉上和心理上影响着你看待自己的方式 。


色彩还有很多方面有待研究,造型师应该时时刻刻考虑着色彩,而不是只关注顾客衣柜的主题变化。(实际上,在NYC形象顾问里,我们的Personal Color Palette 参考工具提供了包含20款个人调色板颜色组合图表,和4个基准色调色板。



  • 浅色被认为有亲切感和容易接近,深色看起来更强壮和有动力。
  • 視覺上浅色显眼 感覺較近,暗色比較不显眼 感覺較遠。
  • 通常来说,浅色显的温和而暗色看起来比較严肃。
  • 亮色传达出热情,有趣和兴奋。
  • 暗色吸光 比較正式或保守的。
  • 中间色段的颜色(想一下奶油色)被认为更经典和中立的。
  • 暖色调被认为是朴实的,友好的,可亲近的。冷色调被认为是经典的,权威的和娴雅的。



吳珊娜 Shanna Wu Pecoraro, AICI CIP

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