The Perfect Jeans for Your Body

It’s too bad that not every outfit will fit into place as perfectly as those magical jeans that fit all four friends despite their different shapes and sizes in The Sisterhood of Traveling Pants. But, don’t worry! Finding a pair of Perfect Jeans for your body isn’t a rocket science if you understand what your body assets and challenges are. Just follow the tips below you’ll find a best-fitting jeans in no time!


The Perfect Jeans


If you have a small waist – Having a small waist is an asset. But when you are buying ready-made jeans, you might find a problem with the fitting.


Look for a low-rise style that has a waistband that sits on your hips, not at the waist, which can prevent gapping. Opt for a style with a waistband that is slightly higher in the back and drops lower in the front.


If you have a flat butt – Look for a lower-rise style with back pockets that sit higher on the butt. It offers a snugger fit, and the pockets draw the eyes up, giving the butt a visual lift. Or ask for a style with a built-in panel in the back which lifts the butt.


If you have a big butt – Try to look for a style with no additional design on the back pockets. A trouser-cut style with a darker wash will be more comfortable and will give you a slimmer look.


If you have full thighs & hips – Avoid a low-rise style and try to look for a pair of trouser- cut jeans, if you want to have a streamlined look. Stay away from skinny jeans and look for the relaxed-fit style.


If you have a full tummy — Try to find a style that fastens below the belly button or looks for a dark colored style with built-in tummy control panels in higher-rise — it’ll help remove any unflattering bulges. Pair it with heels for a slimmer look.


Just remember the dressing ABC:

Accentuate your body assets, Balance the difference and Camouflage the body challenges.

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