Picking the Right Pair of Glasses


Last week, we were just about to move past the “back to school” sales and promotions that have created lines in stores and on e-commerce sites for the past 5-6 weeks. While working with a client on seasonal wardrobe update, he asked for help with selecting a new pair of eyeglasses. After two years of the same pair, he was ready for a change.


Our client’s primary interest was to create more definition around his eyes – using the frames to make his blue eyes pop while quite literally framing his face. We ended up spending several hours on Manhattan’s Upper East Side, testing frames and having lots of laughs while trying on various sunglasses, eyeglasses, and other in-store accessories. We narrowed it down to 2 pairs: a stunning midnight blue pair from Face à Face at Occhiali’s store, as well as a cobalt blue pair from Warby Parker, at their upper eastside shop.


In case you are looking to refresh your fall look, a new pair of eyeglasses can make a huge difference – and sometimes, a faster and more distinctive difference than shopping for new fall eye colors or lip liners. Here are a few tips that can help you with eyeglass selection:

  • Consider your face shape before choosing glasses. For example: If you like to balance your round face, go for glasses with an angular shape. It is always flattering
  • A wide bridge between the lenses often fits better for the person with wider set eyes.
  • Consider the weight of frames you currently have and think about an adjustment period if you end up finding frames that are heavier
  • Consider other glasses you have. Assuming your prescription hasn’t changed, ask yourself what color and glasses “look” will best communicate the image you hope to portray next season.
  • If you wear contacts daily (or have perfect eyesight – lucky devil!), consider finding a pair of eyeglasses with no prescription. Style-only glasses are fun to shop for, and can make you appear smarter, sexier, and more confident in all sorts of instances.


By the way, our client ends up snagging the midnight blue pair which made his blue eyes pop. Let us know your eyeglass finds and selections below, or via our Twitter handle @nycimageacademy

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Six Classic Fitting Tips for Men’s Trousers

My nephew bought two pairs of new plain bottom trousers last week. After a week of “hemming”, when he tried them on they were an inch shorter than they should be. Of course, it’s the result of the wrong measurements taken by an inexperienced store clerk. We all know that for the most of the ready-made dress trousers, a tailor will hem the trousers after they have sold. It’s a standard procedure. But with fewer stores having qualified in-store tailors these days, it leaves our clients at the hands of store clerks. Most have no real fitting training and are only eager to sell you what is available with as little alteration as possible!



Follow below classic fitting tips which will ensure you have perfectly fitted trousers:


  1. Wear dress shoes with proper heel height when shopping trousers. (Some high-end store with in-store tailor will provide dress shirt and shoes.)
  2. Slips on the trouser and stand naturally in front of the mirror. (Do not try to hide any extra pounds.)
  3. Place the trousers as high on your natural waist (1″ below your navel) as comfortable to provide ease of movement. (Never placing pants on hips or below any beer belly).The waist should not be too tight. (There should be extra room for two fingers.)
  4. With pleated trousers, the pleats should lie flat while you are standing and pants should be wide enough to cover your shoelace.
  5. With a flat front, plain bottom trousers you should ask a slanted hem half an inch downward from front to back and pants should be long enough to cover the tops of his shoes.
  6. If you need to taper the legs, it is essential that both inside and outside seams be pinned to ensure that the crease will remain vertically straight.


As it is true with shoulders, most people have one hip higher than the other which translates to imbalanced legs. So my suggestion is to take a separate length measurement one leg at a time, to ensure proper fitting pants, balance and an elegant finish.


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