Finding Inspiration on Pinterest

Sometimes, clients need a little visual encouragement to consider a new look (even when they are desperately asking for it!). It’s not always easy to find what you need for inspiration – and when you do, often times e-commerce sites and links only work for a short time, plus, finding the right INSPIRATION for a look can be researched without having to simultaneously SHOP by colors, styles or price.


The team and I at NYC Image Consultant Academy have recently moved our Polyvore images of inspiration over to Pinterest, and use the collection of thousands of looks, across many boards and pins, for client inspiration. From casual, skinny-jeans-on-the-go vibes to radical, artsy-runway looks, we have been inspired by it all!


If you could use a little help for inspiration with your clients, follow us to check out our pins here:



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Undercover Leadership Skills in Your Elevator Pitch

We’ve all read the stats telling us that 80 – 90% of communication is nonverbal. Appearing confident, willing and able connotes strength in many situations, even to folks you don’t know, and even when your verbal or written message isn’t delivered the way you intend. As you’re thinking about your goals for the rest of 2017, consider our Visual Brand 3 Cs as the secret to leadership success!


Courtesy of Showtime/Billions


Your Visual Brand 3 Cs: The Secret of Leadership


Clarity – Is your visual brand clear? Think about what you do: Position, title, and responsibility…. Does it match your business card? If not – change it! Being clear with your 1-sentence intro of yourself when someone asks, “what do you do,” is imperative.


Connection – Does your image match your industry, service, and your lifestyle? If not – think about the way your style might be updated to increase opportunities for yourself and your company.


Confidence – Are you confident in your look? Are you comfortable with your style (dressing)? If not, hold your shoulders back, greet people with a smile, and you’ll start to feel strongly very quickly.


If you need more help with this – don’t delay, hire an image consultant today!


Image consultants can help you with everything from posture, speaking tips, wardrobe, and styling, to the way you carry yourself, shake hands, and handle etiquette in various professional situations. We are here to help.

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Buying Tips for the Amateur Shopper

Sometimes, shopping can feel like a chore. From crowded stores to missing sizes to shipping delays, the modern shopper has a lot of (often painful) logistics to navigate in order to go about looking and feeling good. While personal shopping can take time, it often proves to have been worthwhile in the long run.


While parking lots, sidewalk traffic, and online shipping ETAs are out of the hands of image consultants, we do know a few things about style, sizing, and substance. Consider these tips next time you need to focus on the task at hand simply:


  • Shirts – Always go for a good fit (shoulders, waist, the back, and the front closure should be all be in place and yet moveable), and go for a sturdy fabric
  • Jeans – Try to find a dark wash with the right amount of stretch that also fits well with your body. I’d suggest to get one extra pair, and then hem one pair for flat shoes and another for heels
  • Raincoat – Go for a timeless style trench coat. It can lift up an outfit and will never go out of fashion
  • Dark Colored Suit — A great-quality dark suit is a wardrobe essential. Spend more on at least one well-tailored gabardine suit in your best color
  • Dress – A dark dress, in your best color palette, will fit well for nearly any occasion
  • Jacket – A perfect fitted jacket can instantly upgrade your overall look. Look for a jacket that fits the widest part of your body, with jacket shoulders that sit on your shoulders comfortably
  • Professional Shoes – If you can afford it, purchase one pair of high-quality classic pumps per season that can endure daily use. Look for soft leathers that breathe, have extra cushioning, and that have comfortable heel heights (your feet will thank you!)


Our next “Personal Shopper” 1-day training is on May 29, 2017. If shopping is your passion and you’d like to shop for others, this is the class that will help you find out if personal shopping is for you!

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Bundle Up with Style (Your Winter Hats!)

Winter hats

Winter doesn’t seem to be letting up, and the coldness requires a heavy parka, gloves and a hat most days. While practical and protective, often our warmest wares are bulky and make us feel less than our “most attractive” selves.


One of the easiest ways to combat the bulk and flatter your face is to consider your winter hat collection.  Sometimes, changing the way you wear your hat or finding one or two new ones can create the more desirable look you crave.


Here are some of our trusted winter hat tips:


If you have a Round Face: go for hats that have sharp lines and decorative with tall crowns that are as wide as your face. (Newsboys are a good example)


If you have a Long Face: go for a hat with a crown that should be deep enough to cover most of your forehead. (Wide brims are also best)


If you have a Square Face: good for a round hat. (Beanies are easy and cute!)


If you have a Heart-shaped Face: go for a medium-sized cloche to encase your beautiful features.


If you have an Oval Face: nearly any style will work. Be sure to pick colors that compliment your eyes, skin tone, and figure. In winter, darker colors often work best with the widest range of coats, scarves, boots and other accessories.


Could you use some help with the way you consult with clients to define their tones, shapes, and overall wardrobe planning? Click here to see our next image consultant training schedule.  Let us know your questions! And, stay warm!!

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The Perfect Jeans for Your Body

It’s too bad that not every outfit will fit into place as perfectly as those magical jeans that fit all four friends despite their different shapes and sizes in The Sisterhood of Traveling Pants. But, don’t worry! Finding a pair of Perfect Jeans for your body isn’t a rocket science if you understand what your body assets and challenges are. Just follow the tips below you’ll find a best-fitting jeans in no time!


The Perfect Jeans


If you have a small waist – Having a small waist is an asset. But when you are buying ready-made jeans, you might find a problem with the fitting.


Look for a low-rise style that has a waistband that sits on your hips, not at the waist, which can prevent gapping. Opt for a style with a waistband that is slightly higher in the back and drops lower in the front.


If you have a flat butt – Look for a lower-rise style with back pockets that sit higher on the butt. It offers a snugger fit, and the pockets draw the eyes up, giving the butt a visual lift. Or ask for a style with a built-in panel in the back which lifts the butt.


If you have a big butt – Try to look for a style with no additional design on the back pockets. A trouser-cut style with a darker wash will be more comfortable and will give you a slimmer look.


If you have full thighs & hips – Avoid a low-rise style and try to look for a pair of trouser- cut jeans, if you want to have a streamlined look. Stay away from skinny jeans and look for the relaxed-fit style.


If you have a full tummy — Try to find a style that fastens below the belly button or looks for a dark colored style with built-in tummy control panels in higher-rise — it’ll help remove any unflattering bulges. Pair it with heels for a slimmer look.


Just remember the dressing ABC:

Accentuate your body assets, Balance the difference and Camouflage the body challenges.

We hope these tips inspire your seasonal shopping plans. Let us know what you think on the blog and Twitter, @nycimageacademy For more info at

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Smart Travel: Packing With Ease


The light winter we had this year is nearly over, and if you’re anything like our team, you’re anxious to jump on that jet and set off to somewhere warm. Miami? Caribbean Islands? Hello!


Many of our friends and colleagues tell us that they love to travel, for business and personal purposes, but are quick to state that they worry about packing. Because these folks hate the packing experience so much, they put it off until the last minute, completing last-minute laundry sessions at midnight before their early flight.

Smart Travel

Smart Travel


Other common packing challenges include:

  • Packed too much
  • Packed too little
  • Favorite items get lost or damaged
  • “New” shoes end up being painful
  • The weather at the destination changes and you didn’t prepare for it.


If this sounds familiar..  you are not alone! Packing for travel could easily be the No.1 wardrobe headache shared by people everywhere. But to overcome this challenge, you have to think before you pack. For ladies, poor packing decisions can be replaced with smart choices. Here are some essentials for any traveler’s wardrobe.



  • Bring a dress. You can dress it up or dress it down.
  • Bring a rain resistant trench coat (that matches your color palette) for unexpected cold or rainy weather. It can easily work with any outfit
  • Bring a pair of no-iron pants that matches your color palette. Try it first to ensure it works with any of your outfits
  • Bring a cardigan in your color palette. Cardigans are a perfect layering piece. It can layer nicely under your jacket or over a dress and add volume, color, and sophistication to any look
  • Bring a pair of walking shoes, a pair of comfortable but dressy shoes for the business meeting or evening, and one extra pair as an alternate. Nothing makes a trip more miserable than sore feet
  • Accessories  –
  •  1.  A long chain necklace is your best metal – you can wear it with nearly anything!
  •  2.  A scarf that doesn’t require ironing is often one you can use for day or night
  •  3.  A cross-body bag in your color palette is perfect for security, comfort, and style



  • Do not bring delicate fabrics. Avoid bringing anything that can get torn or wrinkled easily
  • Do not bring white colors. Unless you have laundry service at your fingertips, white is not a good travel choice. The better option is to bring print t-shirts, tops or blouses which can easily camouflage small spills or dirt and won’t need immediate cleaning
  • Do not pack shoes you’ve never worn before
  • Do not bring anything that fits too snugly


The more you think ahead when packing, the easier it will become.  Try our tips out when packing for the next two trips you take. Trust us – it will get easier, faster, and less painful.  Soon, you’ll be just as excited to pack as you are to get up in the air!

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